Press Release – Alden Group Renewable Energy Acquires Property in Raleigh, Mississippi for its next FOG-X Waste to Energy Facility

Alden Group Renewable Energy Acquires Property in Raleigh, Mississippi for its next FOG-X Waste to Energy Facility

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, June 6, 2022 – Alden Group Renewable Energy, LLC, (“AGRE”), is pleased to announce the acquisition of property in Raleigh, Mississippi for its next waste to energy facility which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

“The purchase of this property in Raleigh, Mississippi, is the next step in Alden Group Renewable Energy’s aggressive growth plan,” said Richard Thayer, President of AGRE.  “This allows us to expand our mission to provide a low-cost solution to address the burgeoning volumes of waste oils and greases that adversely impact the environment by converting them to a sustainable feedstock for the bio-based diesel industry.  The strong support we have received from the Mayor’s office and local Economic Development officials has been a key component in selecting Raleigh for our next location.”

“We are thrilled to begin construction in the coming months and to subsequently create 15-30 permanent local jobs in the Raleigh community,” said Stephanie Abrego, Vice President of Corporate Services.  “We are grateful for the warm welcome we have received and look forward to being a good corporate citizen in Raleigh.”

Danny Arender, President of the Smith County Board of Supervisors added “On behalf of the entire board, we are excited that the Alden Group has selected Smith County as the location for their new facility.  Their investment in the county and the jobs created will be asset to Raleigh for years to come.”

Joe Tally, Chairman of the Smith County Economic Development District, said, “I want to thank the Alden Group for selecting Raleigh for their new Mississippi location.  I especially want to thank the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor and Board of Raleigh, the Mid-Mississippi Development District, the Smith County Economic Development Board, and the Mississippi Development Authority for the united team effort in making this happen.  This is an example of what can happen when everyone works together to grow our county.”


About Alden Group Renewable Energy LLC

Alden Group Renewable Energy provides sustainable solutions for bio wastes with a focused approach on waste to energy opportunities and a circular economy.  Reducing client costs, ensuring business continuity, eliminating waste, and providing a sustainable feedstock to the rapidly growing biofuel industry are Alden’s core objectives.  Alden provides customized environmental solutions for commercial food preparation companies, grease trap disposal, and municipal wastewater treatment plants by recovering the fats, oils, and greases (“brown grease”) disposed in wastewater.


For further information, please contact:

Stephanie Abrego
Vice President, Corporate Services
Office: (281) 466-3756
Email:  [email protected]

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  1. Stephanie on June 6, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    This is exciting news! Congrats to Alden Group Renewable Energy and to Raleigh, Mississippi! 🙂